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A Hundred Miles As The Crow Flies

ISBN 10 : 0646391178
ISBN 13 : 9780646391175

First-person account of Churches' escape (with 6 others) from a German prisoner of war work camp on 30 August 1944, followed by his assistance in the Raid at Ožbalt, an operation ..

As The Crow Flies

ISBN 10 : 9781524590376
ISBN 13 : 1524590371

The connection between crows and people extends far back in the history of the world. Here in the Pacific Northwest, corvids (crows, jay, and ravens) are as plentiful as rain. They..

As The Crow Flies

ISBN 10 : 9781471913198
ISBN 13 : 1471913198

'The characters talk straight from the hip and the Wyoming landscape is its own kind of eloquence' New York Times Sheriff Walt Longmire's daughter, Cady, is getting married. Walt a..

As The Crow Flies

ISBN 10 : 9780330523837
ISBN 13 : 033052383X

If your dream is big enough, not even your enemies can stop you . . . Charlie Trumper's earliest memory is of hearing his grandfather's sales patter from behind his costermonger's ..

The Marx Brothers As Social Critics

ISBN 10 : 9780786454549
ISBN 13 : 0786454547

The Marx Brothers’ films are packed with slapstick and obvious jokes, gags, puns, pratfalls, and mimicry. But beneath the laughs is a serious and biting condemnation of American ..

Northwest Passage

ISBN 10 : 9781473347199
ISBN 13 : 147334719X

An exciting and fast paced adventure story based in colonial America. Written from the viewpoint of a fictional friend of the Historic Robert Rodgers, famed in America as the leade..

Escaping Hitler

ISBN 10 : 9781509866007
ISBN 13 : 1509866000

‘I was on a train, and a German soldier began shouting at me and poking me in the ribs with his machine gun. I just thought that was it, the game was up . . .’ Downed airman Bo..