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A Natural History Of The Senses

ISBN 10 : 9780307763310
ISBN 13 : 0307763315

Diane Ackerman's lusciously written grand tour of the realm of the senses includes conversations with an iceberg in Antarctica and a professional nose in New York, along with disse..

A Natural History Of Love

ISBN 10 : 9780307763327
ISBN 13 : 0307763323

The bestselling author of A Natural History of the Senses now explores the allure of adultery, the appeal of aphrodisiacs, and the cult of the kiss. Enchantingly written and stunni..

Cultivating Delight

ISBN 10 : 078624075X
ISBN 13 : 9780786240753

In the mode of her bestseller A Natural History of the Senses, Diane Ackerman celebrates the sensory pleasures of her garden through the seasons. Whether she is deadheading flowers..

A Natural History Of Seeing

ISBN 10 : 039306719X
ISBN 13 : 9780393067194

An accessible evaluation of the science and philosophy of seeing explains how only one percent of what the eye sees is in focus at a given time, in an account that traces the evolu..

An Alchemy Of Mind

ISBN 10 : 9781439125083
ISBN 13 : 1439125082

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Zookeeper's Wife, an ambitious and enlightening work that combines an artist's eye with a scientist's erudition to illuminate, as ..

A Slender Thread

ISBN 10 : 9780307763365
ISBN 13 : 0307763366

his astonishing book by the prizewinning, bestselling author of A Natural History of the Senses reveals Ackerman's parallel lives as an observer of the wildlife in her garden and a..

Jaguar Of Sweet Laughter

ISBN 10 : 9780307763389
ISBN 13 : 0307763382

In A Natural History of the Senses Diane Ackerman revealed herself as a naturalist who writes with the sensuous immediately of a great poet. Now Jaguar of Sweet Laughter presents t..