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Teotihuacan: City of Water, City of Fire


ISBN 10 : 9780520296558
ISBN 13 : 0520296559

Founded in the first century BCE near a set of natural springs in an otherwise dry northeastern corner of the Valley of Mexico, the ancient metropolis of Teotihuacan was on a symbo..

City Of The Gods

ISBN 10 : 9781623347796
ISBN 13 : 1623347793

Explore the ruins of the ancient metropolis and ceremonial complex of Teotihuacan (Mexico) and experience what life was like for the people who lived there...


ISBN 10 : 0500277672
ISBN 13 : 9780500277676

Fifteen hundred years ago, Teotihuacan was one of the world's greatest cities. Some 200,000 people lived in this Mexican metropolis, with its massive public buildings, grid plan of..

Mud Book

ISBN 10 : 9781616895822
ISBN 13 : 1616895829

In the mid-1950s, legendary avant-garde composer John Cage and artist Lois Long created a truly marvelous object. Part artist's book, part cookbook, and part children's book, Mud B..

The Teotihuacan Trinity

ISBN 10 : 9780292716650
ISBN 13 : 0292716656

Northeast of modern-day Mexico City stand the remnants of one of the world's largest preindustrial cities, Teotihuacan. Monumental in scale, Teotihuacan is organized along a three-..

Golden Kingdoms

ISBN 10 : 9781606065488
ISBN 13 : 1606065483

This volume accompanies a major international loan exhibition featuring more than three hundred works of art, many rarely or never before seen in the United States. It traces the d..

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